Communications Center

Temple Transport Team Comprehensive Communications Center was established in February 2011, to be a multi-faceted communications center to serve the dispatch needs of our ground and air division as well as the need for a comprehensive transfer center for Temple University Hospital. Since then, the center has grown to not only processing direct admission and transfer requests to Temple, but also to provide numerous other emergent communications functions for Temple, including:
  • Activation and mobilization of the Cardiovascular OR Team for emergent cases
  • Activation and mobilization of the Cardiac Catheterization lab during off-hours
  • Helipad traffic monitoring and direction
  • Bed Control for the Cardiac Pavilion Unit – Temple Heart and Vascular Institute
  • Out of System to TUH STEMI Alerts
Other urgent and routine functions include:
  • Direct Admission requests to Temple University Hospital
  • Urgent and Emergent transfer requests from outside hospitals to Temple University Hospital
  • Temple On-Call
The transfer center is staffed by paramedics, and emergency medical technicians that are experienced, both clinically and administratively, in processing urgent, emergent and non-emergent requests for patient transfers. The two levels of transfer center coordinator, “Mission Support Coordinator” and “Senior Mission Support Coordinator,” are determined by level of clinical certification. Each position has different responsibilities and plays a key role in how patients come to Temple Health.

In Fall 2013, the transfer center became a system-wide center for all Temple Health hospitals by adding service for the Jeanes and Fox Chase Cancer Center campus. 

With Temple and other contracted hospitals, this center serves nearly 1,500 hospital beds, processing more than 80,000 transfer requests per year and answering nearly 150,000 phone calls.