How to Transfer or Directly Admit a Patient to Temple

Hospitals Outside of Temple Health:

From an In-Patient unit:
Call the transfer center at (215) 707-8726. Be prepared to provide basic demographic information via the phone and include the patient’s diagnosis, what service you would like to speak with at Temple and any other pertinent clinical information. A Senior Mission Support Coordinator will then directly connect you with the attending physician on-call for that service.  Once physician acceptance is determined (usually within 5-10 minutes), we will request that the last 24 hours of progress notes, most recent set of lab results and radiology reports be faxed to us at (215) 707-9564. We will then process the request through the finance department and then admissions for a bed assignment.

Note that patients who have no insurance or out-of-state insurance may take longer to clear than others. Patients who are unstable, going directly to the Operating Room or have another acute emergent need to be at Temple immediately may bypass the finance process based on our clinical guidelines. Once a bed is assigned and financial clearance is known, we can assist you in setting up transport of your patient to Temple.

From an outside Emergency Department:
Call the transfer center at (866) 4T3-TEAM (866-483-8326) and request to perform an ED-to-ED transfer. Much like an in-patient transfer, be prepared with the same information or as much information as possible. A Mission Support Coordinator will connect you with the attending Emergency Physician at Temple for acceptance. ED-to-ED transfers will not go through the finance process and, once physician acceptance is known (usually within minutes), we can assist you in setting up transport for your patient to Temple without delay.

Direct Admission Process from a Physician’s Office:
Fax the following information to us at (215) 707-9564:
  • Patient’s demographic sheet including insurance information
  • Most recent set of lab results
  • Last 24 hours of progress notes
  • Admitting diagnosis
  • Intended plan of care
  • Accepting physician (if known, if not, call (215) 707-8726 to be connected to an attending physician)
Please note that all physician-to-physician calls must be to/from an attending physician. Resident and Fellows may not make the initial call for physician acceptance. All calls will be recorded.